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Eastern Hay-scented Fern - Dennstaedtia punctilobula is unavailable

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The fronds of Eastern hay-scented fern are as much as a foot wide and occur singly in large colonies. The foliage is medium green and two or three times cut, yielding a fine texture. The most striking thing about this 1-3 ft. fern is the soft, hairy surface of its fronds.

Easy to cultivate. Spreads rapidly in light shade to sun and is fairly drought tolerant. It also tolerates salt spray. Crushed fronds emit the fragrance of freshly mowed hay. Fronds tend to become ragged in late summer.

Develops patches of fronds instead of individual clumps. Long, erect to arching, lance-shaped fronds usually widest at the base and are hairy. Yellow-green fronds are thin textured, bipinnate to binnate-pinnatifid with an oval-oblong shape. Pinna are closely spaced but not exactly opposite. It has an acute tip. Pinnule are opposite. Stipe is one-fourth to one-third the frond length and brown to shinny red in color. Fronds turn soft yellow in fall.