Solidago odora - Anise Goldenrod
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Solidago odora is an upright clumping perennial wildflower with glossy anise scented foliage.  Leaves are alternate and narrowly lanceolate. From mid-summer to autumn, stems are terminated with yellow pyramidal flower panicles.  Plants are tough and adaptable, prospering in sunny or partly shaded sites with sandy or average well drained soil.

Leaves are lance shaped, sessile and entire.  The blades are glossy and up to 4” long and 3/4” wide.  They are smooth beneath but dotted with glands.  Foliage releases a licorice or anise scent when crushed.

The central stem is topped by a spreading pyramidal panicle that is about as wide as it is tall.  The entire inflorescence can be up to 7” long with many ¼” flowerheads.  Each head has 3-4 ray florets surrounding a similar number of disc florets.

The florets mature into small achenes crowned by tufts of hair.  

Plants grow 2-4’ tall with a 1-2’ spread.