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Botanical Name: Cornus florida ‘Cherokee Princess’

Characteristics:  The Dogwood tree grows to about 30 feet tall, with a 35 foot spread at maturity. It is a flowering tree. The flowers are actually tiny and yellow and surrounded by larger, white, leaf-like structures called bracts. The leaves turn a dark shade of red in the fall. The ‘Cherokee Princess’ cultivar is recommended for its generous foliage and early blooming. The red fruit that grows on this tree is inedible to humans but may attract wildlife.

Hardiness Zone: Zones 5-9

Requirements:  The ‘Cherokee Princess’ Flowering Dogwood tree does best in partial shade. It requires rich, acidic soils and cannot handle standing water. This tree will thrive in a sheltered area, safe from harsh winds and pollution. A thick mulch ring around your trees is always recommended, and the Dogwood tree will especially benefit from the extra protection in extreme temperatures.

Pest Susceptibility: Dogwood anthracnose can be a severe disease that affects flowering Dogwoods, but is not yet prevalent in our area. Less severe pests and diseases include powdery mildew, leaf spot, canker, scale, and leaf miners.