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Thuja Green Giant Arbovitaes (Thuja plicata x standishii) are pyramidal evergreen trees known for their speedy growth rate, lasting color, and lush foliage.

Known as the fastest growing privacy tree, this arborvitae can reach a mature height of 60 feet if left untrimmed. Its bright green color persists year-round, enhancing curb appeal while creating protective barriers and privacy with its dense foliage.

Unlike some evergreen trees, the Thuja Green Giant has few pest and disease problems. It's known to be deer resistant no matter where it's planted in your yard. Arborvitae Green Giant is very tolerant of a wide range of soil conditions, even drought. While Arborvitae trees grow best in full sun, they can endure in partial shade.

MATURE HEIGHT: 50 to 60 Feet
MATURE WIDTH: 15 to 18 Feet
SUNLIGHT: Full sun
SOIL CONDITIONS: Any type of soil
WATER REQUIREMENTS: Water until established
GROWTH RATE: 3-5 Feet per year