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Quercus palustris, the pin oak or swamp Spanish oak, is a tree in the red oak section of the genus Quercus. Pin oak is one of the most commonly used landscaping oaks in its native range due to its ease of transplant, relatively fast growth, and pollution tolerance.

Pin Oak is native to eastern and central USA and is one of the faster-growing red oaks. It has a more slender graceful appearance than some oaks. It tolerates wet feet and requires acidic soils but is adaptable to drier and urban conditions. Pin oak is shallow-rooted and easily transplanted. The crown is pyramidal to oval. Pin oak won’t begin producing acorns until around 20 years old.

The branching pattern is unique with the lowermost branches being angled sharply downward, the middle branches horizontal, and the upper branches ascending. Young trees and lower branches of older trees hold leaves throughout winter.