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Common Names:  Wax Myrtle, Southern Wax Myrtle, Southern Bayberry, Eastern Bayberry, Bayberry, Candleberry, Tallow Shrub

Myrica cerifera is a small evergreen tree or large shrub native to North and Central America and the Caribbean. Its common names include southern wax myrtle, southern bayberry, candleberry, bayberry tree, and tallow shrub. It sees uses both in the garden and for candlemaking, as well as a medicinal plant.

Height:  15 feet

Spread:  10 feet

Sunlight:  Full 

Hardiness Zone:  6b

Other Names:  Southern Bayberry

Southern Wax Myrtle is primarily grown for its highly ornamental fruit. It features an abundance of magnificent blue berries from mid summer to mid fall. It features subtle chartreuse catkins along the branches from late winter to early spring. It has grayish green evergreen foliage. The fragrant narrow leaves remain grayish green throughout the winter.

Select a male and female plant to produce the ornamental waxy-blue berries, that are a high energy food source for birds; tolerant of wet or dry, infertile soil; aromatic foliage repels insects, and is used to make candles; a great hedge or screen